The Neglected Blog

First off, I have to apologize for not updating my blog in so long. So many changes have come my way in the past couple of months that it has been hard for me to keep up. I have been using Crooz blog to update but I keep it short and simple. So many things have happened since my last 2 posts. I went back to Chicago for another gal meet, I have graduated from cosmetology school, one of my closest friends has deployed to Afganistan, and now I (along with a few other gals) have a wonderful new gyaru circle GAL*LUXY. 

While this is the first update in months it's only one of many to come! There is now a whole new layout, its girlie star wars (I am a nerd I am not afraid to admit it). I also have big plans for my youtube channel, that will soon be shared with you. I'm excited to share my adventures with you this year!

Aside from the many things above that have happened to me,  this year has brought a whole bunch of great things to my plate. Here is what has been going on:

  • GAL*LUXY Gal Circle has officially opened its doors with a new homepage and we will be holding our first official meet March 29th-31st. We will be opening the door to new members right after the meet. Our homepage is http://gal-luxy.webs.com please check it out!
  • I'm about to have my own place. I have been living with my grandparents since October 2011 when emilio's dad and I split up. They allowed me to stay with them while I finished school and now that I am done, its time to be on my own. 
  • I have 2 new fabulous wigs.  Both from ebay. 
  • Me and Emilio have created a special video that will be debuted soon!

My eye make in the video:
Sorry no circle lenses this time!