Valentines for my Gal*Luxy family <3

Today I sent out valentines to my lovely Gal*Luxy gals. Not only does it come with a cool valentine's card but a little surprise too! <3
I can say that Gal*Luxy is much more than a Gal circle to me. They are my family. When I'm feeling down and need to vent for what ever reason I can open up a group chat or post in our group page and let it all out. And they show nothing but compassion. I have been in 2 previous circles and even though I was close to some members. Here in Gal*Luxy I'm close to everyone. I hope when we open up our application that new members will feel the same love that I feel with these gals! <3
Please be sure to check out our homepage and like us on fb! http://gal-luxy.webs.com