Dear Gyaru of the World,

(i know this wont ever happen but...) Stop all the hate. Its fashion. Regardless of someones size, skin color, sexual preference we all love the same thing. There is ABSOLUTELY no need to be mean. If you don't like someone then just ignore them. If you see someone who needs help with their style, give them tips in stead of tell them they look ugly. Lose the animosity....

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Supa Kawaii Double Chin Gyaru

Dear Anon,

I'm sorry that you didn't realize that double chins weren't Gyaru. You are totally missing that trend.

You see, double chins  have been a trend for the past 10 years in the Gal community. It makes your face look fuller and give you that perfect oval face shape that everyone wants. The best way to accentuate your double chin is to high light it with a really bright and shiny white makeup. That way when you go in to Shibuya 109, all the non double chin Gals will get super jealous of you. 

Have a good day.