Palty Hair Color - why MOST gaijin gyaru should not use it.

We all know this Japanese brand of hair color "Palty". It is infamous for having gyaru models slapped on the front of the box.  The colors range from reds, honey blondes, and ash. But the question is, Should you color your hair with it?


You are probably asking yourself "Well, why the hell not!?". 
Palty is a box color you can find at a drug store. It is cheap. When products are cheap, so are the ingredients.  Their way of drawing you in to buy the product is having models like Tsubasa indorse it. Here are a few reasons why you should not use this product:

1. You're not going to look like the model on the front of the box. - Have you noticed she is wearing many styles from short to long hair? She is wearing a wig. There is no way she would sit there and let them constantly change her hair like that.

2. One size does not fit all. - Box color is made to potentially alter a wide range of hair types and colors. Box color only comes with 1 type of developer (usually 20 volume, in Palty's case 30 or 40 volume). Depending on the persons hair type, damage and texture you can't just use 1 type. Not only will the outcome come out totally different but some people's hair may come out even more damaged.

3. If you previously colored your hair, your hair will definitely not look like that on the box. - Lets say as a example your hair color is a dark brown from previously coloring it. And your roots/new growth is light brown and uncolored. You deiced that you want to go with the MILK TEA BROWN Palty color. Here is what will happen. Your roots/new growth will be a light milk tea brown color maybe a little more vibrant than  what it appears on the box (heat from your scalp will make the color work quicker) and the rest of your hair well it probably didn't take at all or if it did it probably came out a weird color. Why is that? Hair color cannot lift previous old color. So pretty much you are left with a hot mess.

4. PALTY IS MEANT TO BE USED ON ASIAN HAIR. - Asian hair is the thickest of hair types. Meaning they will have to use a stronger developer and the actual color itself will have more ammonia, so that it can blow that cuticle open to allow the color to penetrate the hair shaft.  So if you have thin hair, you are putting some serious damage on your head.

I have personally experienced the negative effects of Palty's hair color, and I know a few other gaijin gyaru that have as well. 

I know this product probably has some mixed reviews, both the good, the bad, the ugly. This is just my opinion as a hair care professional.