Freah New Start~~~!!!!

Hello Everyone~!!! It has been a while since I have made a real post. I hope all of my lovely follwers are doing well! I have some pretty exciting news! I have finally my place of my own! Just me and my son Emilio! I am super excited! I have been moving this whole weekend. I also had graduation from Paul Mitchell the School Indianapolis this past friday. Even though I have finished from the school in November. It was a great accomplishment and I hope that my career will take me to bigger and better things!

Once I am done unpacking and getting everything decorated I will post pictures of my new place! Emilio's room is seriously going to be amazing! His room is Marvel themed! My room will be safari/animal print. Emilio picked out the bathroom theme and it is monkeys! My living room is just going to be a mix of my nerdyness and I will have movie posters and random Star Wars things.

Here is a list of my upcoming posts:
Huge Lip Stick/Gloss haul
Make up Tutorial
Apartment Tour
Weekend Adventures

Thanks for reading~!