Workout Routine

Since I am on a quest to get fit, I have come up with a daily workout routine, cardio included! Every 2 weeks I will track my results and let you know how I go and how well these workouts really work. Since I am just now starting to track my results my start date is officially today. I started a few  weeks earlier but i have been slacking a lot due to stress (lots and lots of stress)
I will track it here
Current Weight: 174lbs//78kg

Pre workout stretches

after I stretch and limber up I move on to some awesome butt exercises

How to get THAT ASS

next I do some tummy  exercises (this is my trouble area)

Flat Tummy Hard Abs

Once i have all that in  I do my cardio, I use this video which is rather difficult so I go as hard as I can until I cant do anymore then I finish with another good stretch. Fitness Blender is on of my favorite channels on youtube.

30 Min at Home Cardio

If you have any other great work out suggestions I would love to check them out!!!

Credits: Downtownn & Fit-Elise