4 Things I want and need to do this year 2013!

1. Get my own place.
      I am already super close to getting my apartment, they have to remodel it first. I have never lived on my own before, usually lived with room mates or family. So I am very excited about it. Just me and Emilio!

2. Fall in LOVE
     I know that sounds silly but there is nothing more in this world that I want right now than to fall in love with someone. I have been single for a while (minus a few guys who a dated for a short time who were complete assholes) and I just want to love and be loved by someone else.

3. Travel to places I have never been before.
There are a few places that I would really like to go this year. New Orleans, New York, and St. Pete, FL to see my grandma. Hopefully I get to go to one of these places this year with Emilio.

4. Drop 40lbs
I was really inspired by Get SEXY for SPRING! event page on facebook to live a healthier more active life style. Everyone on there is so positive and if you need advice on exercise or food choices they are willing to help. So I have set my goal weight to 135lbs. I want to lose most of my weight in my tummy area.