Eyebrow Tutorial

I have had a few people ask me how I draw on my eyebrows, so I decided to do a tutorial. This is one of the ways I do it using a angled brush. I also use a pencil if Im in more of a hurry. Excuse the blurry photos I was using my phone.

Step1- I usually do my eyebrows last. Eyes primed, eye shadow, liner and lashes already applied.

Step 2 - Moisten your angled brush and use a dark brown eyeshadow (or whatever color you prefer)

Step 3 Draw the like at a 45 degree angle upward making sure it starts where the corner of the eye is and ends where the outside of the iris is. You can make this angle more dramatic or soft depending on your preference.

Step 4 Draw the next line to end with the outer corner of your eye. Dont worry about this being a clean perfect line. you can clean it up later.

Step5 Do the same for the top line but this one will be shorter on the end meeting up with the bottom line. Sorry if this doesn't make sense lol
Step 6 Final step- Fill in the eyebrow and clean it up! Then repeat on the other side. THEY SHOULD BE SISTERS NOT TWINS. You will never have perfect matching eyebrows.