Bored Inc. Friends Forever Tote Bag: Product Review (Sponsor)

Hello Ladies and Gents! Today I have a special post for you! A review on

First I would like to give you a little background on this super cute tote bag!
The tote bag is black canvas with vinyl "Friends Forever' Stinky Poo™ & T.P." logo on the front and Bored Inc. Logo on the back. 
Measurements: 14" H x 16 1/2" W, 5" D 

I used this tote bag today as a quick diaper bag for Emilio! In my opinion I think it holds a lot of stuff I need to take with me. Actually I fit everything I usually do in his normal HUGE diaper bag all inside this tote bag. Which is a HUGE plus for me! The characters are very very cute too! If you didn't see the characters and just though oh poop and toilet paper on a tote bag...how gross...but its not! I actually got a compliament from a child today and told their parents where to get it.

 What I like about this tote bag is that the logo on the front seems really durable, so if you wash it it probably will take a long while before it comes off.  Another thing about this tote bag is that it is versatile and can be used for many purposes. On their website it says " Perfect for school, books, and groceries!" When I seen this I automatically though about using this for groceries, because I'm all about going green and not wasting resources on plastic bags!

Pros & Cons
Durable Fabric
Nice Size
Cute Logo
Can be used instead of plastic bags

There was no indication on how to wash this product if it gets dirty.
Overall Score

Tote Bag Details:
Did I mention they drew a cute cupcake on the packaging? Its nice to see a company put that effort into something so simple. Makes it feel more personal.

Logo on back of the tote bag
Cute card that came with the package!

You can check out more products from Bored Inc on their website! Did I mention that Tricia is modeling a cute T.P. cover on their homepage?