Twilight Pink Circle Lenses: Review- Is Zo Circle Lenses ((SPONSOR))

(i apologize that the with flash is slightly blurry)

At 15mm, these lenses are huge!! I have never wore lenses this big before. I love how big they are it makes my heavy makeup look even better!

The color is a nice solid vibrant color, I would definitely recommend this for cosplay, kuro gal, or for anyone who loves the color pink. The design gives my look a creepy cute feel.

I usually have a problem when it comes to lenses, mainly because I don't wear them as often as I like, but with these lenses I wore them for 8 hours during work and they were completely comfortable. With that said I don't advise you to wear them for more than 8 hours a day.

When I first put them in I just thought "holy crap these are freaking amazing!". The color is so opaque and vibrant, I have never experienced lenses like this, because I usually stray towards the more natural lenses like the nudys. I highly recommend these circle lenses. These would best be suitable for special events, cosplay, or if you just want to make your style even more bold. 

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The Twilight Circle Lenses come in 7 different shades as well and are available here at Is Zo Circle Lenses:

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