Coords and New Tattoo

Hey everyone! Long time no post! So much is changing this year! I am about to graduate from Paul Mitchell in about 2 months! I'm pretty excited to start my career!

This weekend was packed full of excitement! I had something to do everyday! Saturday was Rib Fest in Indianapolis, me and my "not boyfriend" (don't ask its confusing) tried so many different ribs! It was delicious! Then later that night we went out to a night club and had a few drinks and danced. Then met up with a few people at another night club for a while. Here is the coordinate and makeup that I wore that night

Circle lenses are Geo Nudy grey

Today I went shopping with my best friend, I'm pretty sure i spent way too much money on not so necessary items! But at least I looked good doing it! 

I also have new tattoos! this is a cover up of a horrible tattoo on my wrists! they are sorta large but I love them!!