Super Sharp Stilettos- NAILS- HOW TO


Stiletto styles are slowly sweeping across the country and many new clients are leaving local haunts in spiked-tipped nails just to try out this edgy, new look. With techs having such a fun time experimenting with the daring design, new art is popping up every day. Here’s how Tracy Clement, a Young Nails mentor and owner of Naturally Nails in East Greenwich, R.I., does her signature stilettos.

1. Prep the nails. Using the reverse method, apply a bead of pink acrylic and swipe the smile line. Then use a 150-grit file to sharpen the smile line once the acrylic has set.

2. Apply forms.
3. Add red liquid monomer drops to the acrylic liquid. Build out the free edge using the now-red liquid and clear powder.
4. After pinching the tip to get a nice C-curve, apply red glitter acrylic and wait for it to lose its shine. Then use a nail art brush, pressing in opposing directions to create a ribbon effect.
5. Repeat step 4 with the metallic gold acrylic.
6. Add gold dots, then cap the nail in clear acrylic. Once the acrylic is set, shape with an e-file and hand file.
7. Remove dust and apply a thin layer of self-leveling clear builder gel (Young Nails’ Flex works great), but do not cure. Then use white and red gel paints to make gel flowers. It’s important not to cure before applying the white and red because the uncured clear gel will hold the colors in place. Then use a marbleizing tool and blend the white and red together to get the petal effect. Cure for 60 seconds, apply a glossy finishing gel, then cure for a full 90 seconds. 

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